Everyone has heard about the benefits of antioxidants. However, few people know what they are and what are their health benefits. Every day, our body consumes oxygen, while simultaneously being exposed to oxidative processes. As a result of oxidation, various elements of chemical origin become free radicals and harm health. Bad habits and other factors increase their effect - as a result, many cells are damaged so badly that they no longer recover.

Antioxidants eliminate the damage caused by the action of free radicals, reduce damage caused by oxidation, prevent the development of serious diseases. Of particular importance is sports nutrition, in which antioxidants are contained in sufficient quantities so that athletes who lead an active life with regular physical exertion do not suffer from a lack of vitamins and nutrients.

Antioxidant benefits

Products with antioxidants must be present in the diet of each person every day, but for athletes proper nutrition is of particular importance. The receipt of necessary substances in the body in sufficient quantities is a guarantee of health and longevity. Antioxidants, if they are sufficient, prevent a number of serious diseases, including cancer, venous dilatation, ligament and joint damage, diabetes, glaucoma and cataracts, heart attack, damage to the central nervous system and endocrine system.

It is known that radicals are able to invade DNA and change its structure, which causes severe cell damage, and brain activity is deteriorating. Antioxidants inhibit the proliferation of radicals, cleanse the body, «burn» extra calories, normalize metabolic processes. The list of the best antioxidants includes:

  1. Herbs and spices. These include: chamomile, hawthorn, ginger, turmeric, rosemary, sage, cloves, viburnum, wild rose and others.
  2. Food products - almost everything: fruits, vegetables, nuts, dairy products, berries, cocoa, natural tea and coffee, fish, vegetable oils.

The most powerful antioxidants restore even badly damaged cells, returning their vitality and the ability to function further. It is important that athletes whose body is subjected to constant loads properly monitor their diet. The best antioxidants should be present in the diet constantly.

Where to buy antioxidants?

Our online store in Geneva offers customers to order antioxidant vitamins at competitive prices. At the same time, the cost of products is available to most buyers, and the quality and benefits of products are undeniable. You can buy antioxidants for athletes now by placing an order on our website.

 Acai Berry Powder

Acai Berry Powder

Freeze-dried Acai Berry Powder
Rich in Vitamin C
High ORAC Value
Model: 242
7.00 CHF
 Active WMN™

Active WMN™

Multivitamin for active women
Premium sources of all ingredients
Highly dosed to support your healthy lifestyle
Model: 152
23.00 CHF
 B Vitamin Complex Tablets

B Vitamin Complex Tablets

Highly dosed B Vitamin tablets
7 B Vitamins + Biotin, Inositol, PABA & Choline
Contributes to the reduction of tiredness & fatigue
Model: 109
10.00 CHF
 Bee Pollen Powder

Bee Pollen Powder

Complete superfood
Packed with vitamins, minerals and amino acids
Great in smoothies
Model: 48
6.00 CHF
 Broccoli Powder

Broccoli Powder

Derived only from fresh broccoli
Both stalk and florets used
Unique low temperature dehydration process
Model: 219
7.00 CHF
 Chia Seed Powder

Chia Seed Powder

Finely ground Chia Seed Powder
Cold milled from 100% Chia Seeds
Excellent source of protein, fibre and Omega 3
Model: 247
5.00 CHF
 Chromium Picolinate Tablets 250mcg

Chromium Picolinate Tablets 250mcg

Superior Picolinate form
Contributes to the maintenance of normal blood glucose levels
Contributes to normal macronutrient metabolism
Model: 185
6.00 CHF
 Co Enzyme Q10 (CoQ10)

Co Enzyme Q10 (CoQ10)

Ubiquinone form
Found in almost every human cell
Plays a role in mitochondria energy production
Model: 155
49.00 CHF
 Coconut Water Powder

Coconut Water Powder

100% natural
Delicious & refreshing taste
Rich in electrolytes, vitamins & minerals
Model: 102
12.00 CHF
 Complete Anti-E™

Complete Anti-E™

Can be used as part of a PCT programme
Contains Resveratrol and Indole-3-Carbinol
5 potent, high strength ingredients
Model: 120
35.00 CHF
 Complete Fruits™

Complete Fruits™

Blend of 10 healthy fruits
Quality freeze-dried fruit powders
Contributes to 2 of your 5 A DAY target
Model: 172
14.00 CHF
 Complete Greens™

Complete Greens™

New and improved recipe
Equivalent to more than 5 of your 5 A DAY
Contains 25 nutrient dense super green foods
Model: 151
13.00 CHF
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